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HSE equality objectives 2012 onwards

  1. HSE will improve understanding and promote equality and diversity in our workforce through the delivery of our Diversity Action Plan, due to be published June 2012, reviewed annually.
  2. HSE will provide effective delivery of our statutory obligations on equality and diversity, with governance and accountability through HSE’s Diversity Steering Group (DSG) supported by senior management diversity champions.
  3. HSE will seek to deliver the aims of the 2012 Civil Service Diversity Strategy within four years which will focus on: behaviour and culture change; leadership and accountability; talent management and representation; and capability.
  4. We will continue to work with the Department for Work and Pensions, the Department for Education, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and other external stakeholders. This will include:
    • when developing and promoting guidance on health and safety in relation to all protected characteristics for example current work on age.
    • Working with stakeholders in equality and diversity areas where there is a work-related health and safety dimension.
  5. We will continue to build on our effective internal communications, to ensure equality analysis is firmly embedded in our work and consistently built into our policies and key programmes.  
  6. We will continue with existing inspection, investigation and advisory work, offering advice and guidance on equality and diversity issues, when requested, for both employers and employees.
  7. We will consider the need for new and updated external website guidance for all protected groups, to provide information on equality issues, research findings and good practice. We will start by reviewing existing guidance on disability and gender.
  8. We will continue to identify areas where further information is needed, consider the need for, and where appropriate, undertake research to help inform the development of policies, procedures and guidance. 
Updated 2013-08-20