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AMED e-Bulletin December 2011

Welcome to the HSE Approved Medical Examiner of Divers (AMED) e-bulletin

Welcome to the second edition of the e-bulletin for AMEDs. It includes updates on MA1, the candidate diver medical questionnaire and completion of MA2 medical forms.


HSE has updated its document: ‘The medical examination and assessment of divers’ (MA1). It is an update of administrative aspects and not a fundamental review of the medical considerations, which therefore remain consistent with the previous version of MA1. You should familiarise yourself with the updated version at the earliest opportunity.

Candidate diver medical questionnaire

In the updated MA1, the medical questionnaire appears as an annex to the diver fact sheet. It now contains an additional question on whether the candidate diver has had an injury or surgery to the head or spine. You need to obtain a completed medical questionnaire, signed by both the prospective diver and their GP, before undertaking an initial medical examination.

MA2 medical forms

The MA2 form is in triplicate. You should complete each section of the clinical assessment in as much detail as possible. You should give the white copy to the diver, retain the pink copy for seven years and send the blue copy to HSE within seven days of completing the medical examination.

When established divers attend for an annual medical examination, you should request a copy of their last MA2. This would not apply if the diver returns to the AMED who conducted the previous medical examination as AMEDs should retain the pink copy of the MA2.

Changes to contact details

It is important you notify HSE of any changes to your contact details (including address, telephone number and e-mail) or GMC registration/licensing. You should also contact HSE if you no longer wish to undertake AMED work (eg due to retirement).

Updated 2011-12-06