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Raising your concern

Try to resolve your concern yourself

If you are an employee or a member of the public and you think the health and safety law is being broken, or minimum standards are being ignored within the workplace, you should:

If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved, you can raise it with the relevant enforcing authority.


If you are a worker raising a concern about health and safety at the place where you work, then you need to be aware of the protection that employment law gives you as a ‘whistleblower’, especially in relation to unfair dismissal and other potential detriments. You can find out more at which also explains the importance of following the correct process.

HSE will only take action if:

HSE cannot deal with concerns about issues or employers where we have no jurisdiction.

Check HSE is the correct enforcing authority

A comprehensive list of HSE's responsibilities and contact details for local and other enforcing authorities is available.