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The procedure

The HSE tries to make its consultation procedure as thorough and open as possible. HSE will publish information concerning consultation responses by providing a summary of those responses on the HSE website after the close of the consultation period where they can be inspected by members of the public or this information can be copied to them on payment of the appropriate fee to cover costs.

Responses to consultations and discussions are invited on the basis that anyone submitting them agrees to their being dealt with in this way. Responses, or part of them, will be withheld from the published summary at the express request of the person making them (Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000; Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and the General Data Protection Regulations). In such cases a note will be put in the index to the responses identifying those who have commented and have asked that their views, or part of them, be treated as confidential.

Many business e-mail systems now automatically append a paragraph stating the message is confidential. If you are responding by e-mail and you are content for your responses to be made publicly available, please make clear in the body of your response that you do not wish any standard confidentiality statement to apply.

Updated 2018-06-20