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Consultation letter - Work at Height Regulations and the Construction Industry 2-Metre Rule

A consultation on introducing into the draft Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) a '2-Metre Rule' for the construction industry.


On 12 October 2004, the Health and Safety Commission considered representations from the construction industry about retaining the industry's 'two-metre rule' within the overall goal setting approach to the draft Work at Height Regulations.

A 2-metre rule already exists in the current Construction Health Safety and Welfare Regulations (CHSWR). In essence this provides that for construction work above 2 metres employers should use specific measures to provide fall protection. Guardrails or similar work equipment should be used to prevent falls and sufficient working platforms to do the work. Where it is not practicable to do this, because of the nature or duration of the work, then personal suspension equipment should be used; and where neither of these is practicable, other suitable and sufficient means for arresting a fall should be used.

This consultation seeks confirmation that there is support within the construction industry for retaining the two-metre rule within these draft regulations; and evidence about whether this has implications for other parts of industry.

Updated 2009-05-28