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Discussion - Race equality scheme for the Health and Safety Commission and Health and Safety Executive 2005-2008

Discussion ended: 30th September 2005


The 2005 Race Equality Scheme – striving for excellence

The current edition of the scheme is designed to address the areas where potential for improvement has been identified. Where important work has been undertaken in the first three years of the scheme, for example equality proofing our personnel procedures and our policy on communications with non-English speakers, this will continue.

We have set out and updated the ways in which we will meet our duties to promote race equality over the next 3 years. We have a clear strategy for meeting our general and specific duties (Annex A) as a public body (Annex E and Annex F) as well as arrangements for meeting our specific duties as an employer (Annex G).

In order to meet the priority requirements identified during our review process, outlined above, we have:

Articulated a board vision on diversity, published in July 2005

Drawn up an Action Plan for the first year of the scheme, which identifies few, high impact priority activities

The rest of this document sets out:

Updated 2009-05-28