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Responses to 'the pre-licensing process for potential new build of nuclear power stations' discussion document

A report has been compiled which analyses responses received by HSE/NII to a discussion document posted on the HSE website between March – April 2006 as part of HSE's response to the Government’s Energy Review. Views had been sought on possible changes to HSE/NII’s processes for considering the build of a new nuclear plant that would include a pre-licensing phase looking at candidate design(s) for application within the UK.

The review of responses report summarises how comments were reviewed and how they have informed HSE’s input to the DTI energy review, whilst the table of detailed comments provides further information to the responses received.

Note: This version only includes those comments for which sanction to publish has been received by 28th June 2006. The Appendix will be updated and republished if further respondents also give permission.

Updated 2009-05-28