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Letter from Geoffrey Podger to Malcolm Wicks

Malcom Wick MP
Minister for Energy
Department for Trade and Industry
1 Victoria Street
London SW1H 0ET

28th June

Dear Minister,

The 2006 Energy Review: HSE Expert Report

You wrote to me on 10 January in the context of the Government's Energy Review, requesting an expert report on the potential risks relating to health and safety at work that might arise from some specific energy developments, that are being assessed as part of the review.

We were pleased to receive the commission. Now I enclose our response, submitted ahead of your 30 June deadline.

In our report we identify some actions that may be needed depending on the outcome of the Government's review. The analysis of the risks and hazards associated with the new energy developments reviewed in our report, both those involving new technology and those involving the much wider application of existing technology, suggests that the existing framework of controls is adequate. However, we have identified a number of areas for further consideration, and the resourcing consequences for HSE, will depend on the decisions the Government takes at the conclusion of the review.

We are publishing our report today. I am copying this letter and our report the other recipients of your 10 January letter.

Yours sincerely,

Geoffrey Podger
Chief Executive

Updated 2010-09-15