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CD228 - Consultation on Amendments to the Pipeline Safety Regulations 1996 and the Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations

This consultation ended on 1 March 2010 and the analysis of responses to the the consultation is now complete

This consultation seeks comments on the proposed amendments to the Pipeline Safety Regulations (PSR) – 1996 and outlines the amendments HSE intends to make to the Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations. 

The 1996 PSR Regulations provide for the management of pipeline safety and apply to all pipelines in Great Britain and to all pipelines in UK territorial waters and on the UK Continental Shelf.

The online questionnaire seeks your views on the proposed amendments to PSR which are listed below;

  • the classification of gasoline and carbon dioxide as dangerous fluids under PSR;
  • the introduction of an expiry date on notifications made under regulation 21;
  • an amendment to regulation 23 which will cover the situation where a larger company is broken up which results in multiple ownership
  • the introduction of a duty on the local authority to implement their emergency pipeline plan without delay – regulation 29;
  • the introduction of a duty on the operator to notify the local authority and emergency services in the circumstances specified in regulation 29 – regulation 26.

This consultation also seeks your views on the impact assessments which set out the estimated costs and benefits of the proposed regulations.

HSE have also taken the opportunity whilst working on the proposed amendments to PSR to review both the Regulations generally and the underlying guidance in order to improve the clarity of the text and consequently provide duty holders with a better understanding of obligations proposed. HSE welcome any feedback on this review.

We have set out questions at the end of each section of the consultation document. To respond to our questions, please make use of the online questionnaire, or download a form to complete. Your views will be considered alongside those of other respondents to the consultation. While we will acknowledge all the responses that we receive, we do not intend to respond individually to each comment made. However, the collated comments and responses will be available for examination at the HSE Knowledge Centre in Bootle. We have followed the Cabinet Office Code of Practice on Consultation.

  • View the consultative document
  • Respond to the consultation using the online questionnaire or download a form to complete.

Responses should be sent by 1 March 2010 to;

Karen McDonough
Health and Safety Executive
Hazardous Installations Directorate Policy Unit
Redgrave Court
Merton Road
L20 7HS


Analysis of responses to the consultation on proposed amendments to the Pipelines Safety Regulations 1996 and the Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations

Following the election, the Coalition Government introduced a new approach to regulation. This resulted in HSE and other government departments reviewing proposed regulatory measures to ensure they fit within the new rules and processes, which delayed issuing our response to the consultation.  We have now completed this review for PSR and this has led to a number of changes to our proposed amendments. Details of the changes are covered in analysis of responses (see below link). It is also important to note that these amendments will be implemented, subject to Ministerial clearance, in April 2011 and not October 2010 as suggested in the consultation document.

Updated 2019-04-11