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CD225 - Consultation on legislation to transpose the directive on the identification and traceability of explosives for civil uses

This consultation closed on 2 November 2009

This joint consultation by HSE and the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) concerns the proposed legislation transposing the European Commission Directive 2008/43/EC on the Identification and Traceability of Explosives for Civil Uses. This consultation includes Northern Ireland and the NIO intends using this consultation for drafting equivalent Northern Ireland Regulations and will not undertake a separate formal consultation.

The proposed Regulations, for both GB and NI, require that explosives for civil uses manufactured or imported into the European Community are uniquely identified and can be traced from the production site through to their final use. This is with a view to preventing misuse and theft, and assisting authorities in tracing the origin of lost or stolen explosives.

  • The main duties are:
  • Product identification - explosives manufactured in, or imported into a member state after 5 April 2012 are uniquely marked with an alphanumerical code and barcode;
  • Record keeping - all undertakings involved in the manufacture, import, transfer or use of the explosives:
  • record their involvement in the movement of the explosives and keep these records for 10 years; and
  • provide the responsible authorities with contact details so that information in their records can be accessed at any time necessary.

They do not apply to:

  • pyrotechnics for example, flares or fireworks;
  • ammunition;
  • unpackaged explosives transported and delivered for direct unloading into the blast-hole for example in pump trucks;
  • explosives produced in situ for immediate use; and
  • explosives for legal use by the military or police.
  • View the consultative document.
  • Respond to the consultation using the online questionnaire or download a form to complete.

Responses, including those from Northern Ireland consultees, should be sent by 2 November 2009 to:

Diane Savage
Health and Safety Executive
Mines, Quarries and Explosives Policy
5S.G Redgrave Court
Merton Road
Merseyside L20 7HS

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