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Removing premises registration and record keeping requirements - What this change means

From 6 April 2009, employers will no longer have to register the factories, offices and shops in which their employees work with the relevant health and safety authority.

This is because new rules have removed the requirements to register under the Factories Act 1961 and the Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act 1963.

This means that from 6 April 2009:

However, these changes do not affect the registration or form filling requirements of other legislation.  Some businesses will still have to register and submit forms under other regulations.  This will depend on the type of business and the regulations that govern it.  For example:

The general register for factories no longer applies

Also, from 6 April 2009, factory employers will no longer have to complete and keep the series of forms and records that make up the "general register" (ie forms F31, F32, F34, F35 and F36).

Further information

The background to this change can be found on our public consultation page.

Updated 2011-07-15