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CD211 - A consultative document on proposals for revised policies for HSE advice on development and control around large-scale petrol storage depots

This consultation ended on 22 May 2007.

A report is available which summarises the responses received and explains the changes HSE will be making to its advice around large-scale petrol storage depots.


The Health and Safety Executive believe that the problems and ideas addressed within this consultative document are important enough to justify a public consultation. We are inviting those who could be affected to help us develop our policy in this area.

The document briefly describes the background to the land use planning system around major hazards sites and then considers the Buncefield incident and its implications for land use planning. We would like you to read the document, consider the four options for changing our advice and give your answers to the questions we have presented.

The first question asks whether our land use planning objectives and principles remain a sound basis for our advice. The subsequent questions ask you to consider whether we should extend the area in which we apply our land use planning advice and whether we should change our assumptions about the vulnerability of individuals who are likely to be affected.

We also want your views on which option you consider best balances the risks to individuals with social and economic development; in particular, we would like views on options 3 and 4, which both represent significant change from our current approach but which differ in where they place the balance between public protection and new development.



Updated 2019-04-11