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Consultation Document - Draft Railway Safety Regulations 2001

Consultation ended Friday 15 June 2001.

This consultative letter was sent by the Chair of the Health and Safety Commissios to all those who responded to the consultative document Railways (Safety Case) Regulations 2000 last year. It proposes a new set of Regulations concerning the installation of on-train data recorders and the action to be taken if certain train equipment becomes defective. The draft Regulations would also correct a number of errors and anomalies in the 2000 Regulations.

Purpose of the proposals

Proposals on on-train data recorders, and on the action to be taken if certain train equipment becomes defective, were included in last year's consultative document Railways (Safety Case) Regulations 2000, but were omitted from the final Railways (Safety Case) Regulations 2000 pending further consideration. The consultative letter follows up the proposals in the 2000 consultative document and makes amended proposals on those topics.

Draft Regulations attached the consultative letter would require:

In addition to correcting some minor errors in the Railways (Safety Case) Regulations 2000, the draft Regulations would also make a more significiant amendment. The 2000 Regulations place a duty on infrastructure controllers to procure annual audits of their health and safety management systems. Currently, that duty is limited to the dutyholder's infrastructure and station operations, but the draft Regulations would extend the duty to encompass any train operations which the infrastructure controller carries out.

The Commission tries to make its consultation procedure as thorough as possible. Responses to this consultation will be lodged in the Health and Safety Executive's Information Centres after the close of the consultation period where they can be inspected by members of the public or be copied to them on payment of the appropriate fee to cover costs.

Responses to this consultation are invited on the basis that anyone submitting them agrees to their being dealt with in this way. Responses, or parts of them, will be withheld from the Information Centres only at the express request of the person making them. In such cases a note will be put in the index to the responses identifying those who have commented and have asked that their views, or part of them, be treated as confidential.

Published on HSE web site 6 April 2001

Updated 2011-12-01