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Public consultation on ONR's interpretation of 'bulk quantities' of radioactive matter

This consultation outlines ONR's proposed approach to the definition of 'bulk quantities' of radioactive matter. The nuclear site licensing regime currently applies to a set of defined activities, which include the storage of bulk quantities of radioactive matter. However, there is no clear definition of what constitutes bulk quantities of radioactive matter, storage of which would need to be licensed.

Government has started work on the implementation of the 2004 protocol to the Paris Convention - this relates to the provision of third party liability provision for nuclear installations which is currently linked to nuclear licensing. In the meantime ONR still has to enforce existing law, and we are conscious that clarity is being sought by a number of interested parties as to whether a storage facility may require a nuclear site license, depending how bulk quantities of radioactive matter is defined.

  • View the consultative document  and accompanying documents:
    • Annex A Interim position statement
    • Annex B Proposals to clarify the licensing requirements for the storage of radioactive matter in Great Britain: technical background document.
    • Annex 1 Bulk Quantities Pre-Consultation Stakeholder Workshop: Summary Report 1 December 2009, Radisson Hotel, Manchester Airport
    • Annex 2 Bulk Quantities Pre-Consultation Stakeholder Workshops: Summary Report 2 December, Hilton Hotel, Edinburgh Airport
    • Annex 3 Bulk Quantities Pre-Consultation Stakeholder Workshops: Summary Report 16 June, Radisson Hotel, Manchester Airport
    • Annex 4 Bulk Quantities Pre-Consultation Stakeholder Workshops: Summary Report 17 June, Hilton Hotel, Edinburgh Airport

A consultation workshop on Bulk Quantities took place on 24 October 2011. The workshop was arranged part way through the formal public consultation period in order to provide the opportunity for consultees to ask ONR any questions of clarification before responding formally to the consultation.

The notes and presentation from the workshop held in October 2011 are also available .


After careful consideration of the comments received, ONR considered amending its proposal and carried out a supplementary consultation.

This consultation ended on 12 December 2011.

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