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Summary of duties under the CDM regulations under CDM 2007

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007

  All construction projects (Part 2 of the Regulations) Additional duties for notifiable projects (Part 3 of the Regulations)
Clients (excluding domestic clients)
  • Check competence and resources of all appointees
  • Ensure there are suitable management arrangements for the project welfare facilities
  • Allow sufficient time and resources for all stages
  • Provide pre-construction information to designers and contractors
  • Appoint CDM co-ordinator*
  • Appoint principal contractor*

Make sure that the construction phase does not start unless there are suitable welfare facilities and a construction phase plan is in place.

  • Provide information relating to the health and safety file to the CDM co-ordinator
  • Retain and provide access to the health and safety file
(* There must be a CDM co-ordinator and principal contractor until the end of the construction phase)
CDM co-ordinators
  • Advise and assist the client with his/her duties
  • Notify HSE
  • co-ordinate health and safety aspects of design work and co-operate with others involved with the project
  • Facilitate good communication between client, designers and contractors
  • Liaise with principal contractor regarding ongoing design
  • Identify, collect and pass on pre-construction information
  • Prepare/update health and safety file
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce risks during design
  • Provide information about remaining risks
  • Check client is aware of duties and CDM co-ordinator has been appointed
  • Provide any information needed for the health and safety file
Principal contractors  
  • Plan, manage and monitor construction phase in liaison with contractor
  • Prepare, develop and implement a written plan and site rules (Initial plan completed before the construction phase begins)
  • Give contractors relevant parts of the plan
  • Make sure suitable welfare facilities are provided from the start and maintained throughout the construction phase
  • Check competence of all appointees
  • Ensure all workers have site inductions and any further information and training needed for the work
  • Consult with the workers
  • Liaise with CDM co-ordinator regarding ongoing design
  • Secure the site
  • Plan, manage and monitor own work and that of workers
  • Check competence of all their appointees and workers
  • Train own employees
  • Provide information to their workers
  • Comply with the specific requirements in Part 4 of the Regulations
  • Ensure there are adequate welfare
  • facilities for their workers
  • Check client is aware of duties and a CDM co-ordinator has been appointed and HSE notified before starting work
  • Co-operate with principal contractor in planning and managing work, including reasonable directions and site rules
  • Provide details to the principal contractor of any contractor whom he engages in connection with carrying out the work
  • Provide any information needed for the health and safety file
  • Inform principal contractor of problems with the plan
  • Inform principal contractor of reportable accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences
Workers/ everyone
  • Check own competence
  • Co-operate with others and co-ordinate work so as to ensure the health and safety of construction workers and others who may be affected by the work
  • Report obvious risks
Updated 2014-09-24