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Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007

FAQs relevant to both the electronic and manual F10 forms

When must I complete an F10 form?

You should complete an F10 form when you think you are undertaking a project that will last more than 30 days or involve more than 500 person days. This is a legal requirement under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007.  An F10 does not need to be filled in for domestic projects.

What information must I provide to HSE?

The exact information that you must provide to HSE is outlined in Schedule I of Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) 2007.  On both the E-Form and the manual F10 forms, the information you must provide is marked with an asterisk (*).

How do I notify projects with multiple locations?

Multiple Notifications: Where a project is made up of multiple sites, it may be impractical to make multiple notifications (F10s). In cases where the work is relatively minor at each location, it may be more appropriate to notify on one form and provide a list of the addresses on the form where there is provision for a description of the construction work involved. This is a free text field in which you can provide more details. For example, if you have indicated on the first page that the work will be undertaken at multiple sites, then a list of those sites can be provided in this field.

Do I have to use the F10 form to give HSE the information required by CDM?

You do not have to use the F10 form to give HSE this information.  However, you must give all the information that is required to HSE in writing.  The F10 form has been developed to help you do this and we think it is the easiest way to let us know.  We have provided an electronic E-Form and a manual form for those without online facilities.

How long is the F10 information held for?

Hard copy F10 notifications - Hard copies of F10 notifications are destroyed 6 months after the project end date.

Electronic records of F10 notifications - Electronic F10 records will be archived annually where the project end date has passed by two years or more.

Can I access information held on others’ F10 forms or can others’ access information held on mine?

No, this information is not publicly available.  You will only be able to access your own F10 with the unique serial number that you have.

How do I choose the correct Project type to fully reflect the work being undertaken?

If you are using a manual form, select only one checkbox or on the E-Form select only one project type from the drop down menu. You should choose the most significant amount of work being undertaken. For example, if you are doing demolition work and then new build choose the work that will take up more of the construction project. You can then use the Description of Project field to add additional information e.g. if you have selected New Build – Commercial Premises – Shop, in Project type, you can then add some words to explain that there will also be demolition work carried out.

FAQs relevant to the manual form

Where do I send the manual form?

Please send forms completed manually to F10 Scanning Centre, c/o Central Despatch, Health and Safety Executive, Redgrave Court, Merton Road, Bootle, Merseyside, L20 7HS.  Alternatively, you can send forms completed manually to the local HSE office covering the site where the work is taking place.  Local HSE office addresses are available in ‘HSE Offices’ under the ‘Notify HSE’ tab.

Can I submit the form by fax?

No.  Distortion of the bar code on the form during faxing can make it difficult to process.

Can I photocopy my form?

Yes, but please make sure the whole form is copied, the black guide marks in the corners of the page are visible and that the barcode is clearly copied and not covered in any way.  If the photocopy is in any way unclear, this can make it difficult to process to F10.  For these reasons, we prefer to receive the original where possible.

If my project changes, do I need to submit a new manual form?

If your project changes, you should submit a new manual form by filling in the form and ticking the box at section 2 that indicates the notification provides ‘additional information’.  This should be sent in the normal way to HSE.  Alternatively you can use the E-Form to update your manual form (please see Q22).

I don’t know the local authority name for the site.  Where can I find out?

All you will need to find out the correct local authority, is the postcode of the site.  If you do not know the postcode of the site, you can use the address and enter it into Royal Mail’s postcode finder at the Royal Mail website.

Once you have the postcode, you can enter it into the local authority finder at the directgov website to find the correct local authority.

Some of the information I need to input (e.g. site address) is longer than the space allowed on the form.  What should I do?

As long as the information is clearly provided and readable on the form, it doesn’t have to fit the spaces provided.  If information is particularly long, fit as much as possible into the space provided and then clearly mark the remainder where there is appropriate space.  Where information does overrun, try to be brief and only provide what is necessary.

FAQs relevant to the E-Form

How do I send the electronic form?

F10s completed using the online E-Form system will automatically be sent to HSE and you will be provided with an acknowledgement that it has been received.

How do I get a serial number for an F10 form?

When you select ‘initial notification’ on the E-Form, a unique serial number should appear in the box below.  This can be used to retrieve information from your form in the future or to submit further details.

Can I get more help on filling in the electronic F10 form?

More detailed guidance on filling in the E-Form F10 form.

How do I know if my F10 form has been received?

You will receive an acknowledgement from HSE by return email that your F10 has been received. 

I haven’t received a notification that my form has been received by HSE.  Why has this happened and what should I do?

It might be that there are rules that your IT department has set, that quarantine this type of email as a SPAM message. You will need to ask them to release the message and to allow them to be passed through in future.

Or, you may have made a typing error in the CDM Coordinator email address field so that when the email acknowledgement is triggered, the email will go to the incorrect address.

How can I save the E-form?

The best way is to save the E-Form to pdf format as this retains the logo and has a good resolution.  On the Declaration screen select ‘Print / Save form details’ button.
The printable version will load in a separate browser window.

From the Menu bar at the top of the window select File > Print and select Adobe PDF as your print option.

This will save a read only pdf. file that you can retain and or email as you wish.

I select Print/Save summary button and save the printable version of the form. When I open the form again it is blank. Why is this happening?

When you choose File > Save, a dialog box displays.

Type in the filename to save your printable version.   If you are familiar with printing/saving to Adobe pdf, we would recommend using this method. 

If not, from the ‘Save as type’ drop down list – select Web Page HTML only (*htm, *html).

Note: If you do not save in this file type format you will get a blank form as the other types in the list are not suitable for single html pages. These are standard Internet Explorer file types.

Please refer to para 33 of the guidance on use of the F10 E-Form.

How do I print the printable version of the E-Form?

On the Declaration screen select the ‘Print / Save form details’ button.

The printable version will load in a separate browser window.

From the Menu bar at the top of the window select File > Print and select the printer you wish to print to or use your default printer.

Your page will print to the relevant printer.

What should I do if the project changes and I need to make corrections to the form I have sent?

Fill in the F10 E-Form and tick the ‘additional notification’ radio button.

Can I use the E-Form to update a manual form I have already sent in?

Yes, you can use the F10 E-Form and select the Initial notification radio button. When you are typing in the Description of Project field on the second page of the form just state that you have already submitted an initial notification by the old method and you are updating using the E-Form.

HSE will then be able to cross reference with the original paper notification.

The E-Form only allows UK based addresses but the contact address I need to enter is overseas.  What should I do?

If any of the Contacts are based outside Great Britain, please use the Address Lines 1 to 3 and the Town fields to enter the overseas address. However, for Postcode and Country, please enter the postcode and country for the construction site address.

Why can’t I access my e-form using my serial number and email address.  What should I do?

You may have used illegal characters in the E-Form that have been saved into the database record. When you try to retrieve it, the database thinks the record is invalid. The error message is usually:

"The server provided an invalid response null”.

Or there might be an error in the CDM Coordinator email address. When this happens the error message is:

"The existing notification was not found in our database. Please check your serial number and email address with your email acknowledgement."

How do I use the new F10 E-Form to submit updated information when I previously submitted my initial notification using the old form version or the scan version of the form?

Use the F10 E-Form and select the Initial notification radio button. When you are typing in the Description of Project field on the second page of the form just state that you have already submitted an initial notification by the old method and you are updating using the E-Form.

HSE will then be able to cross-reference with the original notification.

My browser settings are not enabled to allow me to print my printable page.

HSE uses the standard Internet Explorer browser with the IE Menu bar enabled. If you use a different browser you will need to refer to the guidance for your browser to enable the Menu bar for printing etc. and / or contact your IT support department for assistance.

I want to print to pdf but do not have the option.

Check that you have Adobe PDF and if not you can download a free version from the Adobe web site.You may also need to check your printer options to ensure the option for printing to Adobe PDF is available and / or contact your IT support department for assistance.