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BP investigations and resources

Actions and recommendations

The HSE and SEPA held discussions throughout the investigations and jointly prepared a set of Competent Authority actions and recommendations which are presented in this report.

BP investigations and responses

The Complex Director commissioned independent reports into the root causes of the incidents that occurred on-site. In addition, the Complex Director commissioned a BP Task Force to carry out a "root and branch" review of all operations across the whole Complex. BP identified a number of specific actions arising from the BP Task Force review and agreed these with the HSE. All these BP Task Force actions have now been completed and subjected to internal and independent BP review.

The decision of BP to carry out an audit of this type was welcomed as a vigorous and positive response demonstrating that BP was prepared to identify the actions needed to improve performance and respond to public and regulator concerns. The BP Task Force audit approach eliminated the need for an independent Competent Authority audit of the entire Complex.

BP has now set further testing targets for continuous improvement in the areas of health, safety and the environment.