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Action Notes of the Meeting 29 September 1999

1. Welcome and Introductions


Action: All; the Make-up and level of representation to be kept

2. To agree Terms of Reference

Action: CA representatives to provide a breakdown of the hourly rate for discussion at the next meeting.

Action: CBI agreed to recommend additional SME representation.

Action: HSE will post copies of the Agenda, and summary action notes on HSE's Internet Web Site.

Action: HSE will put Terms of Reference of the HSE over arching forum before members.

Action: HSE will ask each Charging Review group to nominate representatives to the Forum.

3. Review of operation of COMAH charging to date (presentation including financial report for April - June 1999)

Action: CA members to prepare proposals for discussion at the next meeting on how further details could be provided on invoices.

Action: CA members will provide details of the CA's work plans for COMAH for 2000/01 at the next meeting.

Action: CA members to draw up detailed plans for safety report assessment giving information about the expected level of resource anticipated for the assessment and make these available to the operators on submission of their reports.

Complaints and Disputes Procedure

Action: HSE will ask Mr Norris to chair the disputes panel.

Action: HSE will draw up protocol for making and considering applications to be put before the disputes panel.

Action: CCRG members will review the effectiveness of the arrangements after the first few applications had been dealt with.

Action: HSE will provide members with summary reports produced on the level of challenges made to invoices and on cases considered by the panel.

Action: HSE will circulate to members a summary of the Service First Principles, with performance standards for dealing with complaints.

4. Guides to industry

Action: Members agreed to provide written comment and suggested amendments to the Secretary by 22 October, 1999.

5. Significant issues arising from charging

Action: HSE will put proposals to undertake a benchmarking exercise to compare COMAH charges against other comparable services within the public sector, before the next meeting.

Action: The CA are to outline a plan for efficiency savings and business improvements in relation to COMAH work.

6. Feasibility of Alternative Systems of Charging.

Action: The CA to conduct a study of alternative charging systems as a project under the direction of a Project Board comprising of representatives of the Group and managed by Mr Travers.

Action: CBI to forward 2-3 nominations for the project board.

Action: Dr Davies to seek representation from the TUC.

Action: HSE will produce a Project Initiation Document outlining the scope of the project to be produced, and the project should aim for completion by July 2000.

Date and Venue of Next Meeting

Next meeting to be on Tuesday 18 January, 2000

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