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COMAH Charging Review Group

Action Notes of the meeting 18th January 2000

Minutes of the meeting of 29 September,1999.

The minutes and Action Notes of the 29 September were agreed.

Matters Arising

The Terms of Reference (CCRG 2000/02) were accepted. EA: to provide a breakdown of 1999/00 hourly rate by 28 January, 2000.
CA: to announce the hourly rate for 2000/01 within two to three weeks.
CBI: to consider alternative SME representation.
HSE: the benchmarking study should involve other organisations undertaking comparable regulatory functions and seek to explain why there are additional costs of performing statutory functions in the public sector.

Revised Guide to COMAH Charges

All: Members were asked to provide comments to the Secretary by 4 February, 2000.

HSE: the main changes to the Guide should be highlighted up in the Introduction to the Guide so that operators were made aware of the key changes.

Information on Invoices

CA: to establish a small working group to take this issue forward. The aim is to:

Report back to members by the end of June, 2000.

Current Position on Cost Recovery

HSE: reference to be made in the Guide to Charges to work recording procedures so that operators could be assured that there were systems in place to ensure accuracy of invoices.

COMAH Workplans for 2000/01

EA: to indicate the amount of COMAH work to be undertaken following the formal notification of establishments due to be completed by 3 February and to provide members with workload estimates within 1 month.
CA: details of outturn of COMAH chargeable work undertaken compared to the estimate would be provided at the September meeting.

Complaints and Disputes Procedure

All: members comments on the proposals by 18 February.

Component Feasibility Project

All: nominations for all representatives on the Project Board to be made without delay
CBI: to seek a suitable nomination for the project team.

Evaluation of Charging

All: members were asked to comment on the proposals by the end of January.
SPD: to send a copy of the COMAH Cost Benefit Analysis to the LPGTA.

Any other Business and Next Meeting

HSE:next meeting to be held in London at the beginning of September, 2000.

For further information contact:
Mr I Travers
Secretary, CCRG,
Hazardous Installations Directorate,
Health and Safety Executive,
St Anne's House, Bootle,
Merseyside, L20 3RA

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