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What standards of electronic documentation are acceptable?

Compatibility with ADR

Some electronic systems for producing transport documentation, and in some cases where the information is carried on a device, do not have the capacity to reproduce all the information required by paragraph An example is

UN1863 Fuel, Aviation, Turbine Engine 3, PG III (D/E)

This problem arises most commonly in the bulk fuels market, where transport units are carrying a limited range of different products, but may also be seen in other sectors.

In these cases, no exception should be taken to the transport documentation being a combination of "loading tickets", which may have acronyms and abbreviations such as ULSP, ULSD, or JET A1, and a card linking those abbreviations with the ADR information.

For example

Compartment 1 ULSD 7500 litres on the "loading ticket" and

ULSD UN 1202 DIESEL FUEL 3, PG III (D/E) on the accompanying card

Updated 2017-07-17