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Is the role right for you?

The current recruitment for trainee inspectors is closed, however, see if you could be right for the role?

The Health and Safety Executive exists to help prevent work-related death, injury and ill-health. Our inspectors play a critical role on the frontline in the workplace; protecting people by preventing and investigating incidents and enforcing the law. As part of your career you will undertake the Regulatory training programme (RTP), which dovetails field-work with classroom –based training in order to best help you develop the essential skills of a regulator. During the training you will build a technical understanding of the law, safety technology and health matters as well as learning to analyse management systems and deal with people at every level in a wide range of organisations. It’s a hugely varied and rewarding opportunity that offers the scope for continuous personal and professional development, as well as the chance to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Getting the perfect match between our culture, our work and you is incredibly important for both of us. The first six months of the training programme is particularly intensive. The third year of the training programme follows the same experiential learning process as the first two. It expands on the technical knowledge of occupational health and safety issues to enable you to competently deal with the multitude of business we regulate.

Throughout the three years of your regulators' training programme, your development and performance will be assessed against key developmental milestones. Your successful and timely achievement against these milestones will be an essential element in remaining employed by HSE as HM Inspector of Health and Safety. You will be required to pass an assessment centre where you will demonstrate you have learned some legal skills, and to complete two substantial written assignments where you will show practical application of the technical knowledge you have learned. Achievement of the development milestones, including a pass in the required assessments, will make you eligible for promotion to main grade inspector and the final elements of the training programme.

Successful completion of our Regulators' Training Programme will see you awarded a certificate from the National Examining Body in Occupational Safety and Health at level 7 (post graduate diploma). This qualification is unique to HSE and can only be achieved working as a regulator in HSE.

Please note HSE is currently modernising the RTP to move it to a blended learning approach from June 2017. We expect this will reduce the amount of classroom time, making the programme more flexible and reduce the time spent away from home. There will be no change in the level of attainment you will have to reach to be awarded the post graduate diploma.

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Updated 2016-10-12