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Engineering/scientific roles in HSE

Working in a specialist engineering or scientific role at the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is extremely stimulating and satisfying, the equal of any dynamic professional role in British and European industry.

The day-to-day challenge is immense, with no two days the same. Dedicated to promoting standards that minimise work-related death and serious injury across British industry, our specialists from multiple disciplines work with a range of companies and organisations involved in activities as diverse as chemical manufacture, explosives, bio safety, mining, energy transportation, petroleum refining, diving operations and oil and gas exploration out at sea.

Operating to help safeguard such a broad range of industrial sectors does more than save lives. Our collaborative effort builds assurance in safety management, allowing UK businesses to prosper and provide the goods society needs through the development of innovative technologies while alleviating concern over major hazards.

Your role as a specialist in HSE adds up to a unique brief that plays a key part in the drive to create growth in the UK economy, as well as set safety management standards for the rest of Europe. Our teams of specialist engineers and scientists (Learn more about science careers) are crucial to us in achieving our goals as a world leading organisation that sets the benchmark in health and safety. As you'll appreciate the job satisfaction to be gained with us is substantial.

To ensure our operational excellence, everyone who works with us benefits from a remarkable variety of learning and development opportunities - from the beginning and throughout your career with us. As a specialist, you can count on receiving continuous support as you develop your professional expertise.

Explosives specialist role profile

Most of my working life was spent in the explosives sector before joining HSE. I'm a Chartered Chemist and an Associate of the Institute of Explosives Engineers. My job here is very varied - our industry and its breadth is fascinating - one day I'm dealing with one of the world's leading manufacturing or technology companies, the next I am in the middle of a field speaking to the employer of a small local business.

I share an office with scientists and engineers who have manufactured and used a multitude of different types of explosives and energetic materials in many different ways. All of us have benefitted from HSE's extensive training for the additional skill sets we need to apply our knowledge and experience in a regulatory environment.

The nature of the industry and the work it generates means that there is always something new for me to learn or experience and there is always someone available somewhere in HSE to fill the gaps in my knowledge and to help me come to an appropriate decision. It's one of the things that make the job so stimulating and enjoyable, and a system of 'topic' leads means that we all have our own specialism's to develop. I'm proud to be a scientist working in an industry that continues to make an important contribution to life in the UK.

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Updated 2016-09-02