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Judith please can you tell us a little bit about the European Agency Campaign.

This film is about the next in a series of campaigns that are organised by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

It's the 11th campaign in the series and it will run from April 2012 until late in 2013.

People will remember the previous campaign of safe maintenance. We now move on to working together on Risk Prevention, or in our case in the UK I think it would be better to describe it as working together on Management of Risk.

We're very grateful to the European Agency for all of the resources that they have put into these campaigns and the key phrase that we are going to be working with this year is the theme of working together.

What is the focus of the campaign for the next 2 years

The campaign's focus is as I said around working together, and it really involves 2 key elements that are inherent in our strategy anyway.

One is about involving the workforce in identifying and managing the risks and findings solutions to risks in the workplace,and the second is about real positive leadership from the top of organisations which by it's very nature means engagement with the workforce.

We've shown some great examples already in recent years with our Do Your Bit training initiative, where we made clear that we thought training of managers and safety representatives together would make a difference and it has been extremely well received by both workers and employers

and certainly if you look at something like the Olympic Park development project which has been featured already as a case study in this campaign, that in itself is an excellent example of what effective work involvement and strong leadership can do

In promoting the campaign in Great Britain who else is involved and how is HSE involved?

Well HSE provides the focal point for the campaign, but it's actively supported by a number of other organisations including the Trades Union Congress, Confederation of British Industry, EEF the Manufacturers Organisation and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

The campaign will also take place in Northern Ireland so we should remember that this is a UK wide initiative and we will all be sharing materials sharing good practice and it's a great opportunity for all employers and all workers to get engaged and participate by sharing their own examples of good practice

So who can get involved and how can they find out more information.

Any organisation or business can get involved with this campaign. especially if they've got examples of good practice that they want to share with others, or if they are looking for examples of good practice from which they can learn.

There are many ways of getting engaged but looking at the campaign website is a very good place to start. to find out more about the campaign, more about the tools and the resources that are available, and indeed to find out how you and your organisation can take part.


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Updated 2015-06-28