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ACGM newsletter No. 31

August 2002

Welcome to ACGM Newsletter 31. This Newsletter contains information and guidance for those undertaking activities covered by the Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations 2000 and is designed to provide information on where guidance on these regulations can be found.


The forty-seventh meeting of the Advisory Committee on Genetic Modification took place on Tuesday 12 February 2002 at 10.30 am at the Health and Safety Executive, the Globe Room, Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, London SE1 9HS. The meeting included:

A summary of the meeting is available.

Significant changes

Guidance was on making changes to notifications, and when they should be notified to the Competent Authority, was originally issued with Newsletter 30. This guidance is currently under review and although many of the ideas concerning significant changes incorporated in the original document, 'Connected programmes of work and notification of significant and other changes', are likely to remain, there may be a reduction in the degree of flexibility permissible in notifying changes to work at some risk classes. If you are proposing to make changes to a notified project or connected programme we suggest that you contact us for technical advice on whether the changes require notifying to the Competent Authority.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment of genetically modified micro-organisms: a format that offers one possible way of achieving good practice

HSE Specialist Inspectors see a large number of risk assessments for a wide range of work during inspections and when reviewing notifications, and have found that they vary widely in quality and content. This document contains guidance on undertaking a risk assessment for genetically modified micro-organisms and provides one possible format for risk assessments.

Interim guidance on risk assessment of genetically modified micro-organisms eliciting altered immune responses

The ACGM considers that infectious organisms eliciting altered immune responses require special consideration when assessing the risks involved. This document provides information on strategies for immune modulation and hazards that need to be considered when risk assessing these activities.

Newsletters by e-mail

If you would like to receive a copy of the ACGM Newsletter and associated documents by e-mail please send an e-mail to We would be grateful if you could inform others in your organisation, (particularly those involved in risk assessment and notification) of this facility to ensure that guidance issued in newsletters receives a wide circulation.

Published on HSE web site 18 September 2002

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