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Research involving biocidal products and active substances and the EU Biocides Regulation 528/2012 (EU BPR)

Research involving biocides is required to:

Guidance for experimenters

This guidance:

Article 56 of the EU BPR applies to experiments involving test formulations which contain one or more of the following:

Our flow diagram helps explain the requirements of UK biocides legislation in relation to testing of biocidal products or active substances.

Information on the testing of non-agricultural pesticides where each active substance in the test formulation is an existing active substance still being reviewed under the Biocides Review Programme for the relevant Product Type is available on our COPR research webpage.

Research not involving or resulting in biocidal release into the environment

If the testing will not result in biocidal release to the environment, Article 56 (1) of EU BPR, requires the experimenter to:

Experiments where both the biocide and target organisms are inside a building or closed system generally meet the criteria of not involving or resulting in biocidal release into the environment.

Research involving or resulting in biocidal release into the environment

Under Article 56(2) of EU BPR, where experiments may involve or result in the release of the biocidal product or active substance into the environment, the experimenter is required to Notify the relevant Competent Authority. The following information should be Notified:

On receiving a Notification, a Competent Authority has up to 45 days to provide an opinion on the proposed testing. This may result in conditions being imposed on the testing, or the testing being prohibited to prevent unacceptable adverse effects on humans, animals or the environment.

Currently the European Commission is working to introduce guidance and an online system for submitting Notifications under Article 56(2) of EU BPR. In the meantime biocides testing with the potential for environmental release in the UK (including UK territorial waters) should be Notified to HSE via the RA1 form.

If HSE decides to impose conditions on the testing, an R & D Notice may be issued. These are typically issued for a period of 12 months, with discretion to allow testing for shorter or longer periods as appropriate.

Biocides and research commissioned by HSE

Some examples of the areas of research that HSE has been involved in include;

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