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Resource allocation in the Management Plan

An estimate of the planned resource allocation for delivering the key priorities in the Management Plan is provided below.

This does not attempt to be a comprehensive analysis of the resources applied to the priorities in the Management Plan. Indeed delivering the Management Plan will rely upon a combined effort between the lead divisions responsible for the priorities identified in the Management Plan and HSE’s leaders, line managers and staff right across the organisation. Meeting targets on vacancy filling, performance management and diversity for example or on open government, knowledge management and business improvement will depend upon everyone playing their part and delivering their commitments to making HSE more effective and efficient - so that it is better able to deliver the priorities in Strategic Plan.

Where a lead division has been identified their contribution has been grouped according to the key priority concerned. This table only identifies HSE staff full time equivalents, other resources are not identified, neither is the contribution from CMG, HSE’s REFIT partner.

Key priority Resources from lead D/Ds in Staff years (full time equivalents)
Lead and look after staff, valuing their contribution and their diversity and the benefits this brings to the way we engage with stakeholders 14.5
Get the right people in the right place at the right time, building and making best use of their skills to deliver key objectives; 39.25
Manage our information resources and the knowledge, expertise and experience of our staff, and apply it to our priorities efficiently and effectively 63
Secure better business planning through integrating the management of our resources, systems and procedures to deliver high quality business objectives in an efficient and responsive way and giving value for money. 10
Updated 2009-01-06