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Foreword from the Director General

The HSC Strategic Plan 2001/2004 sets significant challenges for the way HSE works and delivers its key priorities. I want to ensure that as an organisation we are fit enough and smart enough to meet these challenges. This Management Plan sets out what must be done over the next three years to achieve this. We have tried to make it short and to the point rather than all encompassing.

At the head of our priorities is looking after our staff and providing strong leadership. HSE has a reputation for expertise, professionalism and above all integrity. To ensure we can continue to deliver our work with commitment and efficiency and rise to the challenges in the Strategic Plan, my colleagues and I in the Board recognise the need to harness these qualities and provide vision and leadership. We must also demonstrate that everyone’s contribution is valuable and essential for our success. Obtaining Corporate IiP status for HSE would provide important confirmation of our commitment here.

We must modernise the way we manage our resources and deliver our services; sharing best practice and lessons learned through knowledge management and information management is central to this as is better business planning. The Management Plan sets out what we will do in these areas to take advantage of modern technology and to deliver our commitments to Modernising Government.

Ownership and accountability for delivery of the Management Plan rests with the HSE Board and myself. But this Plan has a message too, for everyone in HSE. We must all make a difference through working together to get the right resources in the right place at the right time and to focus on our central goal which is to deliver the HSC’s Strategic Plan. This includes of course our contribution to the national targets in Revitalising Health and Safety and Securing Health Together as well as controlling major hazards and meeting our statutory functions.

The Management Plan is not a static document but will be reviewed each year to ensure it still reflects the priorities we need to address to deliver the Strategic Plan. Neither is the Management Plan comprehensive, rather, it focuses on those priorities where action is needed now. The Strategic Plan requires new ways of working to free up resources for our top priorities. It also requires risks to be well managed, recognising and looking for opportunities as well as potential threats. To be successful we must also evaluate what we do and build on this to secure continuous improvement.

Beyond the priorities identified in this Management Plan there is a lot of important work that takes place within HSE Divisions and Directorates to support the effectiveness of what we do, but which is not specifically identified here. This does not mean the work goes unrecognised or that it is not important.

Signature of T. Walker

Timothy Walker,
Director General

Updated 2009-01-06