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Legislative timetables

European Projects legislative timetable

This timetable is subject to the results of consultation and, where applicable, the adoption of the relevant European Directives.

European projects 2001/02 2002/03 2003/04
Implementation of the Radiation Preparedness and Public Information Regulations, to implement the emergency planning aspects of the Euratom Basic Safety Standards Directive. Regulations come into force Spring 2001.    
Implementation of European Directive 2000/21/EC amending the Dangerous Substances Directive 92/32/EEC, (the 7th amendment to 67/548/EEC). Notification of New Substances Regulations 2001 is expected to come into force March 2001.    
Implementation of the Chemical Agents Directive (CAD). Safety requirements to be implemented in a joint package with ATEX (Explosive Atmosphere Directive); and health requirements will be implemented through replacement COSHH and Lead Regulations. Separate implementation via Asbestos Regulations.

Issue CD.

Regulations come into force early 2002.

Submit asbestos regulations.

Implementation of first Consolidated ndicative Limit Value Directive which introduces or revises 63 occupational exposure limits. HSC approval Implementation 31 December 2001.    
Implementation of the second Amendment to Carcinogens Directive. Issue CD. Implementation of first and second amendment in 2003.  
Implementation of Dangerous Preparations Directive, 1st ATP of DPD, 2nd amendment of Safety Data Sheets Directive and 28th ATP to Dangerous Substances Directive. Consolidation of Classification (Hazard Information and Packaging) Regulations (CHIP)

Issue CD (Summer 2001).

Regulations (CHIP3) made Including New Approved Supply List, Approved Classification and Labelling Guide and

Revised Safety Data Sheets ACOP (Winter 2001).
Implementation of amendments to European Directive 94/55/EC on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, and EC96/49 on Transport of Dangerous Goods by Rail. Issue CD. replace current regulations and approved documents by a single set of regulations implementing all transport of dangerous goods requirements.  
Implementation of amendments to European Directive 96/49/EC on the Transport of Class 7 (Radioactives) Dangerous Goods by Rail.

Issue CD.

Amending Regulations.

Regulations to implement ATEX (protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres) Directive (Joint project with implementation of CAD- see above).

Issue CD

Submit Regulations.

Enforcement Regulation for new EC Regulation on Export and Import of Dangerous Chemicals.

Issue CD.

Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Modifications) Regulations 1999 (to clarify UK's implementation of Framework Directive Primarily amends Health and Safety Management at Work Regulations 1992).

Issue CD.

Regulations laid.

Guidance to be included in revised ACOP accompanying Management Regulations.

Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Modifications) Regulations 2001 (to clarify UK's implementation of Workplace, Work Equipment, Personnel Protective Equipment, Display Screen and Manual Handling Directives.

Issue CD.

Amending Regulations laid.

Implementation of Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive. Regulations come into force July 200.1    
Implementation of 2nd amendment EC Directive to the use of Work Equipment Directive: Temporary Work Equipment Height Directive (amending Directive 89/655/EEC - UWED).

Issue CD.

Submit amending Regulations.

Railways High Speed Interoperability Directive (DETR Lead, HSE will be contributing).


Summer 2001.


Domestic Projects legislative timetable

Domestic projects 2001/02 2002/03 2003/04
Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations. Submit Regulations.    
Amendments to the Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 1999 (COMAH) and REPPIR, to extend the cost recovery for emergency planning provisions.

Issue of CD early 2001

Amending regulations coming into force mid 2001.

Review of Shipbuilding/Ship Repair Regulations.   Issue CD regarding revocation as a result of implementation of CAD/ATEX and WAH Directives.  
Review of Adventure Activities Regulations (DFEE leading. HSE will be contributing).   Expect that DFEE will be reviewing the regulations about 2002-03 (date not yet confirmed). HSE will provide advice to the Commission.  
Electricity in Mines Regulations revised ACOP. Publish ACOP.    
Mines (Explosives Atmospheres etc.) Regulations and ACOP.   Issue CD Regulations in place.
Control of Explosives Regulations 2001. Submit Regulations.    
Respirable Dust in Coal Mines. Issue CD.

Submit Regulations

Publish ACOP.

Review of Docks Regulations.

Issue CD End 2001

Submit Regulations Summer 2002.

Publish ACOP Autumn 2002  
Dangerous goods in Harbour Regulations Submit Regulations Spring 2001, Regulations in place Autumn 2001    
COSHH - amend the biological agents provisions and the supporting COSHH and biological agents ACOP. Consult on package in Spring 2001, issue amended regulations and ACOP December 2001.    
Substances that cause occupational asthma CD Responses analysed and proposals submitted to HSC. If ACOP agreed, introduced in Spring 2002.    
Asbestos Regulations (management of risk in workplace premises). Submit Regulations, and publish ACOP.    
Review of Gas Safety. Submit Regulations and publish ACOP.    
Passive Smoking ACOP. ACOP published subject to Ministerial Approval.    
Harmonisation of the Safety Representative and Safety Committees Regulations 1977 and the Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996.

Issue CD

Submit Regulations.

Review of the Factories Act 1961 and the Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act 1963. Issue Discussion Document (DD).

Issue CD.

Submit Regulations.

The Health and Safety (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 1999. Submit Regulations.    
Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR). Issue DD. Issue CD. Submit Regulations.
Duty to investigate workplace accidents, etc. Submit Regulations.    
Railway Safety Case Regulations 2001 (including amendment to Safety Case Regulations 2000). Submit Regulations 2001 (Autumn).    
Amendment to Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations. Issue CD.

Submit Regulations.

Amendment of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act (application outside GB) order 1995. Order amended, expected to come into force Summer 2001.    
Review of the Quarries Electricity ACOP. Publish CD.    
Pipelines Safety (Amendment) Regulations. Issue CD mid to late 2001. Regulations come into force late 2002.  
Revision of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations and CD. Publish revised ACOP.   Review of Regulations.
Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996     Review of Regulations.
Review of Preventing Accidents to Children in Agriculture Regulations Issue CD. Regulations amended.  
Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. Issue CD mid 2001 Regulations amended.  
Amendment of Gas Safety (Management) Regulations 1996. Issue CD Spring 2001, submit Regulations, publish guidance Winter 2001.    
Amendment of Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations 1998. Issue CD Spring 2001, submit Regulations Winter 2001, publish ACOP and guidance.    

There will be significant HSE input into the DTLR-led work on the commitment in the Queen's Speech to publish draft legislation to take forward the recommendations of Lord Cullen's inquiry into rail safety.

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