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Table 5.2 Other policy projects

Topic Action
European Chemicals review etc

We will be involved with negotiations which will determine the future direction of international and (EU) policy on chemicals during the next decade including

  • development of a globally harmonised system for the classification and labelling of dangerous chemicals;
  • the EU chemicals review which is considering how to revamp the EU chemicals framework to make it more efficient and effective;
  • international chemical assessment programmes, such as the EU Existing Substances Regulation, OECD programmes, influencing the Indicative Occupational Exposure Limit Value programme; and
  • continued updating of the Dangerous Substances and Preparations Directives.
Review of Gas Safety

The final report of the Fundamental Review of Gas Safety included some 47 recommendations. HSE will act to implement those within its remit. We have a target of a 20% reduction over 10 years in fatal gas-related carbon monoxide poisonings.

The Gas Safety programme includes:

  • integration of Accredited Certification Scheme and Scottish/National Vocational Qualification, August 2001;
  • amendment of the Gas Safety (Management) Regulations 1996; draft consultative document April 2001, amended Regulations in force September 2001;
  • changes to CORGI's operating criteria, September 2001;
  • development of a HSC Gas Safety Research Strategic Plan, December 2001;
  • introduction of new requirements for the reporting of gas incidents, December 2001;
  • development of a HSC Gas Safety Publicity/Awareness Strategic Plan, December 2001;
  • amendment of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 and associated ACOP and guidance, draft consultative document March 2001 and amended Regulations in force December 2001;
  • revision of ACOP Standards of training for safe gas installation, draft consultative document April 2001 and ACOP in force January 2002;
  • transfer of enforcement for gas safety issues in domestic premises to LAs, December 2002 (dependent on proposals for review of Health and Safety (Enforcing Authority) Regulations);
  • introduce Gas Safety Levy Regulations, December 2002; and
  • streamlining of the Accredited Certification Scheme for Individual Gas Fitting Operatives for both initial and re-assessments for domestic and commercial installation work July 2003.
Land Use Planning

Public consultation of the results of the internal Land Use Planning Review. Re-evaluate the current criteria for land use planning purposes. Produce risk criteria for land use planning in the vicinity of Major Hazard pipelines.

Produce amendments to the COMAH Regulations as agreed with the EU.


A review of safety on fairground rides was initiated in September 2000 and will be completed by March 2001, action will be taken to implement the recommendations of this review.

Improving worker participation in health & safety

This programme will increase the engagement of workers in the health and safety system and will deliver RHS Action point 18. The action plan on employee consultation includes:

  • consulting on new regulations, ACOP and guidance to harmonise consultation arrangements;
  • piloting the concept of workers safety advisers ("roving" safety representatives);
  • research to explore links between good employee consultation and improved health and safety performance;
  • research to explore practical issues relating to provisional improvement notices or alternatives issued by safety representatives; and
  • publicising "whistleblowing" messages.
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