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The HSC Business Plan for 2005-06 to 2007-08

Strategic Enabling Programmes (STEPs)

31. There are four Strategic Enabling Programmes supporting the two overarching Strategic Delivery Programmes. These Programmes embrace the HSC strategic theme of developing closer partnerships and seek to secure improved health and safety by working with and through local authorities, businesses, other organisations and workers. The Enforcement Strategic Enabling Programme particularly develops the HSC strategic theme of focusing on our core business and the right interventions where we are best placed to reduce workplace injury and ill health.

32. The Local Authorities Partnership Strategic Enabling Programme aims to make the best use of respective strengths to tackle national and local priorities. All of the bodies representing local authorities (the Local Government Association , the Wales Local Government Association , the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities , and the Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services ) have agreed a Statement of Intent, which sets out the high-level commitments and provides the framework of objectives for the Programme.

33. The STEP aims to build on existing good practice found where HSE and LAs work together by:

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34. The Business Involvement Strategic Enabling Programme will increase significantly the number of organisations in which directors appreciate the business and social benefits of well-managed health and safety, take responsibility and provide the necessary leadership. It will do this by:

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35. The Worker Involvement Strategic Enabling Programme will secure better worker involvement in sensible health and safety risk management. This requires changes in attitudes to health and safety, and the role of workers. The STEP will do this by:

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36. The Enforcement Strategic Enabling Programme will ensure the effective, efficient and targeted use of prosecution, Crown censure and enforcement notices in delivery of HSC’s strategic goals. The STEP will also consider how to promulgate learning from investigations through the prompt sharing of lessons in parallel with bringing duty holders to account.

37. Taking account of the different legal systems in Scotland and Wales/England, and the recommendations of the Hampton review, the STEP will:

38. The intention is to move away from enforcement being mainly reactive, to a mixed profile, including both proactive enforcement selected tactically in support of strategic programmes and enforcement arising from investigation of incidents. The STEP also aims to promote understanding about why health and safety enforcement action (especially prosecution) is taken in particular circumstances.

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Updated 2013-01-17