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The HSC Business Plan for 2005-06 to 2007-08

Delivering HSC’s Strategy through HSE’s Strategic Programmes

12. HSC’s Strategy sets out how HSE, local authorities (LAs) and other stakeholders in the health and safety system should work together more effectively to improve health and safety in Great Britain. The Strategy’s four themes underlie the development of the Strategic Programmes and the achievement of the targets:


13. In 2000, the Government and HSC set national targets for health and safety improvements by 2010 as part of ‘Revitalising Health and Safety’. The RHS indicators have been adopted as part of a new Public Service Agreement (PSA), committing DWP to:

“By 2008 improve health and safety outcomes in Great Britain through progressive improvement in the control of risks in the workplace.”

14. The PSA targets are, by 2007/08, to reduce:

PSA Targets

For Further information see The overall strategic performance framework is shown below:

Strategic programmes

HSE’s Strategic Programmes

15. HSE has set up Strategic Programmes as the main agent for delivering the HSC Strategy and the health and safety outcomes necessary to deliver the PSA. Two Strategic Delivery Programmes (SDPs), Fit for work, fit for life, fit for tomorrow, and Major Hazards, will be supported by four Strategic Enabling Programmes (STEPs), as shown below.

Government objectives for Employment, productivity, health and rehabilitation, including revitalising health and safety and better regulation.

‘Fit for Work, Fit for Life, Fit for Tomorrow’ Strategic Delivery Programme

Updated 2017-09-06