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Health and Safety Commission Business Plan 2005/06

The Health and Safety Commission

Bill Callaghan

Bill Callaghan


Margaret Burns
Danny Carrigan
Judith Donovan
Joyce Edmond Smith
Judith Hackitt
Sayeed Khan
John Longworth
Hugh Robertson
Elizabeth Snape

The Health and Safety Executive

The HSE Board

Timothy Walker

Timothy Walker
Director General

Justin McCracken

Justin McCracken
Deputy Director General

Vivienne Dews

Resources & Planning Directorate

Dr Paul Davies

Chief Scientist
Corporate Science and Analytical Services Directorate

Giles Denham

Policy Group

Jane Willis

Policy Group

Colin Douglas

Communications Directorate

Jonathon Rees

Jonathan Rees
Deputy Director General

Sandra Caldwell

Field Operations Directorate

Kevin Myers

Hazardous Installations Directorate

Mike Weightman

Nuclear Safety Directorate

Allan Sefton

Railway Inspectorate

Alex Brett-Holt

Legal Adviser’s Office

Updated 2017-09-06