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Resources and outputs

161. HSC's Spending Review (SR) 2002 settlement provided for an increase in HSC/E's resource budget of £4million (m) in 2003/4, £4m in 2004/5 and £2m in 2005/6 on HSE's 2003/4 resource baseline. HSE's capital cover (including HSL) is £11m for 2003/4; £71m for 2004/5; and £11m for 2005/6. The 2004/05 allocation was increased by £60m to provide for the fact that the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) replacement of the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) facilities will be on HSE's balance sheet.

162. Table 1 (below) provides a breakdown of the SR2002 settlement:

Table 1: Breakdown of SR2002 settlement

HSE ONLY 2003/4 (£m) 2004/5 (£m) 2005/6 (£m)
Administration resources 203 203 201
Non cash resources 11 11 11
Programme resources 59 59 59
Gross resources 273 273 271
Income (54) (54) (54)
Net Resource Budget 219 219 217
Capital Budget 6.5 66.5 6.5

163. In addition a further £4m for each of the years 2003/4 and 2004/5 has been provided from the Department for Work and Pensions and the Department for Transport to fund work on the Cullen recommendations arising from the Ladbroke Grove inquiry.

164. Over three quarters of HSC/E's gross budget is spent on staff and related costs (administration costs).

165. Programme costs cover publications, marketing, publicity and science and technology (including reactive support).

166. Capital spend is mainly vehicles and equipment.

167. Income is generated from the sale of publications and from fees and charges for regulatory activity, such as:

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