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Local Authorities

104. This Strategic Programme focuses on investigating, developing and introducing the changes required to create an effective and coherent partnership between HSE and local authorities (LAs).

Total gross expenditure

Pie chart displaying Total Gross Expenditure: Local authorities 1%

105. The Strategic Programme, jointly developed and managed by HSE and LAs, will work on the principles of making the best use of respective strengths and applying collective resources in the best way to tackle national and local priorities.

What we aim to achieve

106. This is an enabling programme, in that improved partnerships between HSE and LAs will help them to deliver health and safety improvements more effectively. The work of LAs contributes significantly towards our targets, but that contribution is difficult to quantify. Therefore, we have not set programme targets at this stage, but will do so once we have developed the programme fully and reviewed the issues around collecting and analysing data. At the same time, we will work to quantify HSE's contribution to LA's regional needs.

What we aim to do

107. The Local Authorities Strategic Programme aims to deliver the essential elements of an effective and coherent partnership between HSE and LAs. There are four main programmes of work:

108. The programme aims to build on existing good practice found where HSE and LAs work together by:

109. For further information see:

Updated 2010-07-28