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Foreword to the business plan 2004 - 2005

On 23rd February 2004, the Health and Safety Commission launched its new Strategy for Workplace Health and Safety in Great Britain to 2010 and Beyond. The Strategy builds on the successes of our Strategic Plan for 2001-04 and promotes our vision: to gain recognition of health and safety as a cornerstone of civilised society and, with that, to achieve a record of workplace health and safety that leads the world.

We are pleased to introduce the HSC's Business Plan for 2004-2005, the first to put the new Strategy into practice. This document sets out what we will do, alongside our local authority enforcement partners and other key stakeholders, to deliver the Government's Revitalising Health and Safety targets and the proposed new Public Service Agreement. The Strategy identifies four themes that we must tackle to achieve these ends:

  1. Developing closer partnerships;
  2. Helping people to benefit from effective health and safety management and a sensible health and safety culture;
  3. Focusing on our core business and the right interventions where we are best placed to reduce workplace injury and ill health;
  4. Communicating the vision.

In 2004-05 we will focus on our five new Strategic Programmes, which are intended to deliver our objectives and targets and reflect the Strategy's themes and key points. We will make sure the programmes are having maximum impact on cases of work-related injury and ill health and that they represent a coordinated effort to deliver the targets. The Business Plan also describes our work in 'core' areas that complement and support these priorities.

This business plan is the first step along the new path laid down by the Strategy. It will allow HSC, HSE and local authorities to protect people's health and safety by ensuring risks in the changing workplace are controlled properly. We recognise the vital role that our staff and stakeholders will play in this work. It is only by working together that we will deliver the Strategy, the targets and, ultimately, our vision.

Signature of Bill Callaghan

Bill Callaghan
Health and Safety Commission

Signature of Timothy Walker

Timothy Walker
Director General
Health and Safety Executive

Updated 2010-07-28