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Management Priorities


66. The HSC Strategic Plan 2001/2004 sets significant challenges for the way HSE works and delivers its key priorities. HSE must ensure that as an organisation it is ready to meet these challenges. HSE published its first Management Plan in October 2001. This contained HSE’s management priorities determined on the basis of business needs to ensure we are able to deliver our contribution to the HSC Strategic Plan.


67. Since the publication of the Strategic Plan and the Management Plan in 2001, HSE has identified that in order to effectively deliver its objectives now and in the future it must change the way it works. For this reason HSE commenced work early in 2002 to review its ways of working and organisation to ensure more effective use of resources to deliver the mission. In April 2002 the HSE Board set out 10 change outcomes and launched a change programme to design capabilities to deliver them. The change outcomes are:

68. These outcomes both augment and provide a more solid platform from which to deliver the management priorities set out in the HSE Management Plan published in 2001. The Management Priorities are to:

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Corporate Support Services

69. HSE’s corporate support services are responsible for the delivery of corporate strategies and providing governance, advice and other services. HSE keeps the delivery of its corporate support (including personnel, business services and finance and planning) under continuous review to ensure central staff resource applied is maintained at or below 8% and staff resource applied to this activity across HSE is kept to a minimum. In addition we manage accommodation, IT and other goods and services to ensure they are delivered efficiently and give best value for money. This ensures HSE is able to operate as an efficient and effective organisation and can deliver its mission.

70. During 2003/04 we will:

Business Improvement

71. HSE manages a co-ordinated programme of underlying improvements through a business improvement plan. The plan includes efficiencies in our use of resources and quality improvements. In addition to corporate improvements to be made as part of the change programme, the corporate support review, and investment in IT enabled change, HSE directorates have their own plans. There is also a staff suggestion scheme – Rewarding Innovation – through which individuals can propose improvements across HSE.

72. Our Business Improvement Plans for this year include:

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