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Health and Safety Board Agenda 03 April 2013

FoI Status: Open
Location: Board Room (6.1.026) Redgrave Court and by videoconference link to Caxton House (7.22)

Item Ref No

Minutes of the HSE SMT meeting held on 6 March 2013
Action points;
Below the line papers - any comments

Presented by Geoffrey Podger


Chief Executive's update

Presented by Geoffrey Podger


Guidance review programme for 2013/14 and approach for 2014/15 and beyond

Presented by Jane Willis


Annual Review of Developments in Scotland

Presented by David Ashton


Progress on the establishment of a central Complaints and Advisory Team

Presented by David Ashton


Mines Legislative Review - update paper

Presented by Gordon MacDonald


Proposals for consolidation of GMO Contained Use Regulations

Presented by Gordon MacDonald


Draft agenda of the 1 May 2013 SMT meeting



Board Agendas Forward Look


AOB - Publication of Research Reports
Geoffrey Podger, Jane Willis, Dave Bench, Sarah-Dean Kelly


Meeting ends


Below the Line papers
Health and safety monthly incident statistics SMT/13/30
Information Note providing an update of reviews of non-nuclear radiation work activities SMT/13/31
Review of the H&S (Workplace) regulations ACOP SMT/13/32
HSE review of Gas ACOPs L56 (Safety in the Installation and use of gas systems and appliances) and
COP2 Standards of training in safe gas installation
Updated 2013-06-19