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Senior Management Team - Meeting agenda
11 January 2012

Meeting Date: 11 January 2012 FOI Status: Fully Open
Type of Paper: Agenda Ref: SMT/12/A01


11 January, in the Board Room (6.1.026) Redgrave Court, and by videoconference link to Sanctuary Building.

No Item Papers
1 Draft minutes of the HSE SMT meeting held on 14 December 2012 and action points SMT/11/M11C
2 Finance and staffing update - SMT/12/01
Presented by Steve Dennis and Gaynor Atherton
3 HSE 3-year business plan 2012-2015 - SMT/12/02
Presented by Rachael Radway
4 Modernising corporate services - Next Generation HR (NGHR) - SMT/12/03
Presented by Gaynor Coldrick
5 External Communications and Regional Media Handling post - COI  Closure March 2012 - SMT/12/04
Presented by Sarah-Dean Kelly, Michelle Allsop & Karl Turner
6 Draft agenda of the February SMT meeting - SMT/12/A02  
7 Board Agendas Forward Look  
8 AOB  
Below the line papers Papers
Health and safety monthly incident statistics - SMT/12/05
Updated 2012-06-03