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Senior Management Team - Meeting agenda
HSE/SMT/10/A05 - 5 May 2010

5 May 2010, in the Board Room (6.1.026) Redgrave Court, and by videoconference link to Sanctuary Building

    Item Ref No
10:00 1 Draft minutes of the HSE SMT meeting held on 7 April 2010 and action points SMT/10/M04C
10:05 2 Monthly finance and staffing update - Unaudited 2009/10 outturn Presented by Steve Dennis and Gaynor Atherton SMT/10/56
10:25 3 CDM 2007 Review and the Temporary and Mobile Construction Sites Directive Presented by Philip White SMT/10/57
10:45 4 People Issues - A strategic approach Presented by Gaynor Atherton SMT/10/66
11:05 5 Performance and Risk Management Report Quarter 4 2009/10 Presented by Steve Dennis SMT/10/58
11:25 6 The EASe Programme: Business Case for Phase 1 – The ICC/Infoline Procurement and Delivery Project Presented by Heather Bolton SMT/10/59
11:45 7 Outcome of the UK Statistics Authority assessment of HSE Statistics Presented by Kate Sweeney SMT/10/61
12:20 8 HSE's approach to international engagement Presented by Clive Fleming & Stuart Bristow SMT/10/60
12:40 9 Review of the application of HSE's RIDDOR incident selection criteria Presented by Bernadette Cadman & Richard Daniels SMT/10/62
13:00 10 Review of enforcement in FOD Presented by Les Beaumont & Richard Daniels SMT/10/63
13:20 11 Draft agenda of the June SMT meeting SMT/10/A06
13:25 12 AOB  
13:35   MEETING ENDS  
Below the line papers Ref
1 Health and safety monthly incident statistics SMT/10/64
2 Review of L5 - Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Approved Code of Practice SMT/10/65
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