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Senior Management Team - Meeting agenda
HSE/SMT/09/A07 - 29 June 2009

In the Millennium Suite, Novotel, Southwark

    Item Ref No
16.00 1 Draft Minutes of the HSE SMT Meeting held on 3 June and Action Points SMT/09/M06
16:05 2 Monthly finance and staffing paper
Presented by Steve Dennis and Gaynor Atherton
16:30 3 New powers for inspectors to enable market surveillance
Presented by Marcia Davies
16:45 4 Proposed Commission Regulation to Replace the Biocidal Products Directive
Presented by Bethan Slater/Steve Coldrick/Jane Willis
17:00 5 Degree Requirements for Trainee Inspectors
Presented by Gaynor Atherton
17:15 6 Draft Agenda for August SMT Meeting SMT/09/A08
17:20 7 AOB  
17:30 Meeting ends
Below the line papers
1. Health and safety - Monthly incident and absence statistics SMT/09/64
2. Introduction of a risk based approach for selecting complaints about dutyholders - a six-month update SMT/09/65
3. Olympics Update SMT/09/66
Updated 2009-12-30