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Senior Management Team - Meeting agenda
HSE/SMT/09/A05 - 6 May 2009

In the Board Room (Conference Room 5 aka 6.1.026) Redgrave Court, and by videoconference link to the Hope Room, Rose Court

    Item Ref No
9:30 1 Draft Minutes of the HSE SMT Meeting held on 1 April and Action Points SMT/09/M04
9:35 2 Feedback from the HSE Board meeting
Kevin Myers
9.45 3 Monthly finance and staffing paper
Steve Dennis and Gaynor Atherton
10:15 4 Fourth quarter performance & risk management report
Steve Dennis/Sarabjit Purewal
10:35 5 Health and Safety during a recession: an economist’s view
Alan Spence/ Professor Peter Elias
Comfort Break
11:35 6 Management of Land Use Planning casework – resources
Giles Denham/Gordon MacDonald
11:55 7 Agriculture revisited: progress to date and next steps – Rachel Russell/Marcia Davies SMT/09/40
12:15 8 Final arrangements for the Strategy launch
Sally Sykes/Phil Kemball
12:35 9 Response to the OGC Gateway Review of HWWW Programme
Geoffrey Podger
12.55 10 Draft Agenda for June SMT Meeting SMT/09/A06
Below the line papers
1 Health and safety - Monthly incident and absence statistics -  SMT/09/44
2 Inspection and enforcement agreement for larger GMOs and deliberate release of GMOs used in clinical trials  SMT/09/45
3 Update on activities undertaken in Wales – SMT/09/48

NB – blocked out agenda items are over the video conference link from Bootle to the Hope Room in Rose Court.

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