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Senior Management Team - Meeting agenda
HSE/SMT/09/A08 - 5 August 2009

5th August 2009, in the Board Room (6.1.026) Redgrave Court, and by videoconference link to Sanctuary Buildings

    Item Ref No
11:00 1 Draft Minutes of the HSE SMT Meeting held on 29 June and Action Points SMT/09/M
11:05 2 Monthly finance and staffing paper
Presented by Steve Dennis and Gaynor Atherton
11:25 3 First quarter performance and risk management report
Presented by Steve Dennis/Sarabjit Purewal
11:50 4 Update on construction issues SMT/09/80
12:10 5 Discussion on the Secretary of State’s inquiry into fatal accidents in construction N/A
12:30 6 Discussion on the ICL Inquiry report N/A
13:30 7 Managing for Health and Safety Project
Presented by Peter Brown/Andrew Cottam
13:50 8 Options for reassessment of HSE’s IiP status
Presented by Maria Finch
14:10 9 Peripheral pay offer
Presented by Peter Brown
14:25 10 Developing arrangements to provide services from HSE to the Nuclear Statutory Corporation and vice versa SMT/09/83
14:40 11 Draft Agenda for September SMT Meeting SMT/09/A09
14:50 12 AOB  
15:10 Meeting ends
Below the line papers
1. Health and safety - Monthly incident and absence statistics -  SMT/09/74
2. The Shattered Lives Campaign 2008 and 2009 – Evaluation of Phase 1 and Phase 2 – SMT/09/75
3. Consultation on the review of the charging structure for Pesticides – SMT/09/77
4. Update on the Oval decision – SMT/09/81
5. Update on Olympics – SMT/09/78
6. The outcome of the voting that took place at the 15 May 2009 meeting of the EC Standing Committee on Biocidal Products (SCB) – SMT/09/82
7. Consultation on changes to the Biocidal Products Regulations 2001 - SMT/09/84
8. Early Years Training for Specialist Inspectors in Regulatory Skills  - SMT/09/85
Updated 2009-10-22