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Senior Management Team - Meeting agenda
HSE/SMT/08/A8 - 4 November 2008

Board Room (Conference Room 5 aka 6.1.026) Redgrave Court, and by videoconference link to the Hope Room, Rose Court

    Item Ref No
9:30 1 Draft Minutes of the HSE SMT Meeting held on 1 October and Action Points SMT/08/M7
9:35 2 Monthly Finance and Staffing Update - September Outturn
Presented by Steve Dennis and Gaynor Atherton
Fully Closed
10:15 3 Recruitment and Resourcing Strategy
Presented by Gaynor Atherton
Fully Closed
10:45 4 Performance and Risk Management Report Quarter 2 2008/09
Presented by Steve Dennis
Fully Closed
Comfort break
11:15 5 Managing HSE’s Corporate Information:  Improving the use of EDRM and email
Presented by Geoffrey Podger
Fully Closed
11:30 6 Board oversight of international business
Presented by Giles Denham
Fully Open
12:00 7 Directors’ health and safety responsibilities – evaluation of the impact of measures taken to strengthen director leadership
Presented by Giles Denham
Fully Closed
12:30 8 Draft Agenda for December SMT Meeting SMT/08/A9
12:35 9 AOB  
Below the line papers
1 Health & safety - Monthly incident and absence statistics - November 2008 - SMT/08/74 (Fully Open)
2 Adventure Activities Licensing  Authority Annual Report - SMT/08/75 (Fully Open)
3 Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments and Revocations) Regulations - SMT/08/76, SMT/08/76 Ann1,SMT/08/76 Ann4, (Fully Open)
4 Consultation document on the proposed chemicals (hazard information and packaging for supply) regulations 2009 and Consideration of the Competent Authority for the European Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures Regulation - b/78, (Partially Closed) b/78 AnnA, b/78 AnnC, b/78 App2,  
5 Proposals for amending the Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulations 1989 (HSIER) – Board update on outcome of consultation - SMT/08/80 (Partially Open), SMT/08/80 Ann
6 Consultation document on the proposed chemicals (hazard information and packaging for supply) regulations 2009 – SMT/08/83, SMT/08/83 AnnA, SMT/08/83 AnnB, SMT/08/83 AnnC, , (Partially Closed)
7 Implementation of EC directive on improved traceability of explosives – SMT/08/85 (Fully Closed)
8 Progress on creating a single chemical regulation function – SMT/08/86 (Fully Open)

NB – blocked out agenda items are over the videoconference link from Bootle (Conference Room 12 aka 6.1.34) to the Hope Room in Rose Court.

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