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Senior Management Team - Meeting agenda, 02 July 2008

Meeting Date: 02 July 08 FOI Status: Fully Open
Type of Paper: Agenda Ref: 2008/212208


2 July 2008, in the Hope Room, Rose Court and by videoconference link to Redgrave Court, Bootle.

    Item Ref No
9:00 1 Draft Minutes of the HSE SMT held on 4 June and Action Points SMT/08/M3
9:05 2 Monthly Finance and Staffing Update - May Outturn
Presented by Steve Dennis and Gaynor Atherton
Fully Closed
3 Workforce strategy - Recruitment Issues
Presented by Gaynor Atherton
Fully Closed
Comfort break
10:30 4 Developing an Efficiency Plan for SR 07
Presented by Steve Dennis
Fully Open
10:50 5 Electronic Travel and Subsistence Claims - A/C 34 Form
Presented by Steve Dennis
Fully Open
11:10 6 ‘Team Enforcement’ - a New Approach to Managing the Corporate Delivery of Enforcement Policy & Procedures
Presented by Sandra Caldwell
Fully Open
11:30 7 Update on findings from BRE Review of health and safety law for low risk small businesses - oral update
Presented by Giles Denham
11:45 8 Draft Agenda for August SMT Meeting SMT/08/A5
11:50 9 AOB  
Below the line papers
  1. Health & safety - Monthly incident and absence statistics - July 2008 - SMT/08/31
  2. Update on HSE's EU Dossiers and Infraction Cases - for information paper for the HSE Board - SMT/08/32
  3. Societal risk including land use planning - SMT/08/34
  4. Remodelling the COMAH regime - SMT/08/35
  5. DEFRA consultation on REACH enforcement - SMT/08/38, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4, Appendix 5
  6. Governance Implementation Plan - Update of the Enforcement Policy Statement and Section 3 Policy - SMT/08/39
NB - blocked out agenda items (Gold background for those printing in colour) are over the videoconference link from Bootle (Conference Room 12 aka 6.1.34) to the Hope Room in Rose Court.
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