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HSC Railway Industry Advisory Committee (RIAC) - Meeting 3 November 2005

71st Meeting of RIAC, at 10.00 on 3 November 2005 at HSE Globe Room Rose Court London


1. Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence

2. Minutes of 70 th meeting held on 16 June 2005

3. Matters arising

4. RIAC/05/13 – RIAC and its working groups – the strategy, plan of work and achievements
[Paper by RIAC Secretariat]

5. RIAC/05/14 – Future strategy - strategic issues on the horizon that ORR should be aware of and the strategy for addressing these issues
[Discussion paper RIAC Secretariat]

6. RIAC/05/15 – Management of contractors – Withdrawn

7. RIAC/05/16 – Worker Involvement Best Practice – for discussion and agreement on how best to promulgate.

8. HSC/ORR Rail Strategy – General overview of responses to a consultation on the development of an appropriate Rail health and safety strategy for ORR. [Oral update by Moira Jones – HSE Rail Policy]

9. Any other business

CLOSE 1:00pm - A Buffet lunch will be available

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