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Workforce Involvement Group minutes - 14 January 2010


OPITO, Minerva House, Bruntland Road, Portlethen, Aberdeen, AB12 4QL





Item number  Item Action
1 Welcome and Introductions  
1.1 F Easton, Chair, opened the meeting, apologies were noted and all attendees introduced themselves.  
1.2 Alan Caldow of Transocean was welcomed on to the Group as the new IADC representative.  
1.3 Lisa McGhee, HSE, Admin Well Operations is to be seconded to WIG to provide admin support for the two events planned for March 2010.  
2 Minutes of Last Meeting  
2.1 The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by the Group.  
2.2 Offshore Survey – Permit to Work.  F Easton is to put forward a bid to HSE Communications Department relating to the budget for financial year 2010/11. FE
2.3 Actions from previous minutes relating to the March 2010 Events were discussed and progress noted under Section 3 of these minutes.  
3 Purpose of 2 March 2010 Event  
3.1 Agreement was reached by all that the first event in Aberdeen be held on 2 March 2010.  This to be a workshop type event sharing offshore experiences.  
3.2 Most members are available for both Events.  J Taylor and D Nicholls to confirm their availability. JT/DN
3.3 Lengthy discussion took place regarding the programme of Event and timings.  FE to update Agenda and circulate to all for comment/approval.  Consideration to be given to who to sit on panel and WIG members tasks. FE
3.3 After registration and welcome the Workforce Event is to commence with a quiz.  Consensus within the Group was that this would be a good icebreaker.P Ley to produce.   PL
  Agenda Items actions on group members for next WIG Meeting are as follows:-  
  Maersk “Safe to Go” – P Ley to speak with Tim Ingram, Maersk to confirm  availability to give talk and report at next WIG meeting. PL
  Perenco – “Leadership Initiative” – HSE are meeting with Perenco in next couple of weeks and P Adamson to advise F Easton on progress. PA
  F Easton has spoken with SSM (Inspectorate) from Dutch Sector and is to progress speaker for event.  WIG were of the agreement that such presentation would be good in providing a different workforce viewpoint. FE
  Total Initiative regarding Workforce Involvement – F Easton handed out copies of email communication on behalf of N Elphinstone.  N Elphinstone is to meet with Ray Riddoch, Total and update group on progress.  N Elphinstone to confirm Ray Riddoch’s availability to give presentation at first event. NE
  Helicopter Task Group – F Easton asked that J Taylor and R Paterson work in collaboration on this presentation and report on progress at next WIG meeting. JT/RP
3.4 Agreement was reached that invitations are to be sent out to Frank Doran, MP; Gordon MacDonald HSE Hazardous Installations Director and a member of the StepChange Leadership Team to be asked.  J Taylor and R Paterson to advise F Easton of invitee from StepChange.  Invitations are to be sent out as a matter of priority. FEJT/RP
3.5 Copies of proposed draft letters to (a) workforce and (b) suppliers were handed out at the meeting for comment and approval. F Easton is to attend to the amendment of letters to portray the correct emphasis as agreed.  J Taylor asked that the letters be sent out as a priority in order that offshore workforce can arrange for time off to attend event.   FE
3.6 The updated draft Flyer was discussed and F Easton to arrange for flyer to be updated and distributed to industry including unions, StepChange, HSE, OIAC, IADC, O&G UK and on the internet. FE
3.7 FE informed the Group that HSE have received bids from three venues and after consideration he advised the Group that both events are (subject to some final clarification on the quotation) to be held in the Marriott Hotel, Dyce.  FE is to pursue this booking and facilities for event.   FE
3.8 Concerns were raised from P Ley and A McGillivray regarding feedback of the Event and how best to disseminate to industry.  P Adamson also asked whether it could be possible for the attendees to have some feedback to take away at the end of the Event, followed up by further feedback from WIG.  N Elphinstone proposed that attendees be asked what benefits they envisage from feedback to be made aware on HSE website and WIG site.  The group are to consider the most effective means of sharing feedback to industry, including OIAC, StepChange etc.  Timescale also to be considered. ALL
Updated 2010-06-25