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Workforce Involvement Group minutes - 5 February 2010


HSE, Lord Cullen House, Fraser Place, Aberdeen, AB25 3UB




Item Number Item Action
1 Welcome and Introductions  
1.1 F Easton, Chair, opened the meeting, apologies were noted.  
2 Minutes of Last Meeting  
2.1 The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by the Group.  
2.2 Offshore Survey – Permit to Work.  F Easton has put forward a bid to HSE Communications Department relating to the budget for financial year 2010/11.  
2.3 Actions from previous minutes relating to the March 2010 Events were discussed and progress noted under Section 3 of these minutes.  
2.4 F Easton updated the group relating to the SI971 – HSE Inspection Programme 2010. Katie McCabe is progressing with this and the roll out is targeted for April 2010. F Easton to keep WIG informed on progress. FE
3 Conference 2 & 25 March – finalising arrangements  
3.1 The conference event has been booked and confirmed as The Marriott Hotel, Dyce, Aberdeen for both dates.  
3.2 All invitation letters to workforce and suppliers have now been sent out and a good response so far has been received.  
3.3 An Invitation was sent to Frank Doran MP, still awaiting reply. Gordon MacDonald HSE Hazardous Installations is unable to attend either of the event dates.  
3.4 All members can attend at least one of the events.  
3.5 Discussions took place regarding the programme and timings of the event. FE to update Agenda and circulate to all WIG members. FE
3.6 Agenda Items actions on group members are as follows:-  
  After registration and welcome the Workforce Event will commence with a quiz.  P Ley to produce. PL
  Maersk  ‘Safe to Go’ F Easton to speak with Tim Ingram, Maersk to confirm.. FE
  F Easton has spoken with SSM (Inspectorate) from Dutch Sector and can confirm that Jos Max will be the speaker for the event only on 25 March.
F Easton  still to confirm speaker for 2 March.
  Total Initiative regarding Workforce Involvement – N Elphinstone to meet with Ray Riddoch to give presentations at both events. NE
  Group Exercise – P Ley to send questions to F Easton for approval. PL
  It was suggested and agreed that tables of 8 for the exercise.  
  It was suggested that bullet points raised from the exercise are collated and handed out to the attendees at the end of the days event. F Easton/L McGhee to check with hotel if computer/printer available on the day. FE/LM
  A short DVD on ‘Texas City’ is to be shown at the conference.  A Caldow to forward to F Easton. AC
  Panel Session –‘A Gold Fish Bowl session was suggested and agreed by all members. All attendees will put questions into a bowl. WIG members will look during break time and a panel of selected WIG members will answer the questions. Attendees will be made aware of this at the start of the event.  
  Helicopter Task Force – J Taylor and R Paterson to give presentation at event.  
  R Paterson to advise which Step Change Representative will be attending the conference. RP
4. AOB  
4.1 A next sub group meeting will be held on Friday 19th February at HSE, Lord Cullen House with F Easton, A McGilvray and L McGhee to finalise the agenda for the conference.  
4.2 There being no other business the meeting closed.  
Updated 2010-06-25