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Workforce Involvement Group minutes - 17 December 2009






Item number  Item Action
1 Welcome and Introductions  
1.1 F Easton, Chair, opened the meeting, apologies were noted and all attendees introduced themselves.  
1.2 Nicky Elphinstone was formally approved by OIAC to join WIG. F Easton is to ask Steve Walker (Chair of OIAC) to send a letter to Nicky Elphinstone welcoming him as member of WIG and a letter is to be sent to Nicky’s employers, ESS, in appreciation of their positive attitude to workforce involvement. FE
1.3 Alan Caldow of Transocean has been nominated as the new IADC Representative to WIG.  Alan Caldow was unable to attend the WIG meeting today and F Easton is to meet with him on Tuesday 22 December 2009. FE
1.4 Paul Adamson has been nominated as the new HSE Offshore Regulatory Inspector to WIG.  P Adamson is based in Norwich dealing primarily with inspections in the Southern North Sea Sector.  
1.5 Actions from the previous meeting had been closed out.  Regarding Item 5.3 F Easton to follow up once the Minute from the November OIAC Meeting is produced. FE
2 WIG Workplan for Next 12 Months  
2.1 F Easton has spoken with Steve Walker, Chair of OIAC, and reported to the group positive feedback and WIG to continue to build on group’s objectives and events.  
2.2 F Easton informed the group that more dedicated admin support will be allocated to WIG.  
2.3 F Easton advised that there is £6,000 from OIAC’s budget for WIG to end of financial year - 31 March 2009. 
F Easton is to submit a bid to HSE Communications Department for the next financial year to give WIG the scope to organise a larger event later in 2010.
2.3 F Easton informed the group that he has produced an article “Power to the Safety Representatives” for Teashack News.  The next issue of Teashack News is being sent out to dutyholders and offshore workforce mid/late December 2009.  
2.4 All were in agreement that the profile of WIG be kept as visible as possible by holding more events and also to raise awareness of WIG across the industry is the way forward.
The publicising of events on the website and in Teashack News will keep people throughout the industry informed.
3 Proposed March 2010 Events  
3.1 Due to time constraints and the fact that the Southern North Sea Sector are holding an event in Norwich in February 2010 the group decided that two WIG events be held in March 2010.  Both are to be held in Aberdeen. 
The dates proposed at the meeting for the events were 2 and 25 March 2010.  F Easton is to speak with Steve Walker and Steve Wing to check availability for dates.
3.2 Copies of the flyer produced for the 2009 events were made available to the group.  The format proved to be successful and the group agreed to follow same format for the March 2010 events.  F Easton is to contact HSE Communications Department to update the flyer for the March events.  Flyer also to include updated information regarding WIG members and future events etc of WIG.A final draft of the flyer is to be made available early January 2010 and F Easton is to circulate this to all WIG members for comment   FE FE
3.3 A McGillivray raised concerns regarding the venue(s) for the events giving consideration to transport links and suitability of facilities. It was agreed that a hotel in Dyce be sought.A total of 3 quotations regarding venues to be obtained.  F Easton to progress venues through appropriate HSE channels.   FE
3.4 A copy of the draft Agenda for the events was provided with the meeting papers.  All agreed with timescale for the events. FE to develop and circulate to next meeting. FE
3.5 Lengthy discussion took place regarding the various discussion topics for the events.  The topics proposed were:-
  • Maersk “Safe to Go” - P Ley to update F Easton and perhaps invite someone from Maersk to give talk.
  • Perenco – ‘Leadership’ initiative.
  • Update following Southern event in Norwich in February 2010 – P Adamson to provide update;
  • Perhaps invitation to a representative from Dutch or Danish sector of North Sea – FE to follow up.
  • Total Initiative regarding Workforce Involvement – N Elphinstone to provide update.
  • Helicopter Task Goup – Proposed that R Paterson and J Taylor could cover this slot.
  • Quiz – P Ley.
3.6 Specific tasks re events to be allocated to group members.  This to be discussed more at next meeting. ALL
3.7 During the group exercise/sharing experience section of the Events evidence of good practice from SI971 Regulations are to be put to the Safety Reps for discussion.  ALL
4 SI 971 – HSE Inspection Programme 2010  
4.1 FE informed the group that Katie McCabe, a member of his Inspection Management Team, is to produce the Inspection Programme.  The Programme is to show the six-month period from April 2010 to October 2010. It is envisaged that between 20 – 40 visits from frontline inspectors are to be planned.
During the visits Inspectors are to speak with Safety Representatives asking questions regarding compliance with SI971 Regs offshore.  Feedback from these meetings is to be provided.
4.2 P Ley added that the perception at present is that no feedback is provided from HSE.  It was stressed that the provision of good feedback and publicising of results be given.   
4.3 R Paterson asked that awareness of the planned visits be made available to stakeholders.  
4.4 P Ley asked that an article regarding the Programme be submitted for forthcoming issue of Teashack news.  
5 Offshore Survey – PTW  
5.1 F Easton reported that OIAC had tasked J Neilson of HSE to scope a survey of the workforce regarding issues around PTW systems / arguments for and against common systems to be carried out under the auspices of WIG.  
5.4 F Easton is planning to have a first draft available at the next meeting for comment. FE
6 Training Forum – Next Step?  
6.1 It was agreed that a further meeting of the Training Forum be arranged following the accreditation process in April 2010.  
7 Further Event to Disseminate Findings of Inspection Programme / Survey  
7.1 Discussion took place regarding the scheduling of such event. R Paterson informed the group that it would be better to hold the event soon after completion of the Inspection Programme.  The group are to aim to run this event towards the end of November 2010.  Date and venue to be advised when known.  
7.2 F Easton is to put forward a bid to HSE Communications Department for this event, similar to that of the Thainstone event held early this year. FE
8 Webpage Modifications  
8.1 Russell Thomas, HSE, provided the group with copies of the present HSE website pages and proposals for improvement.All were in agreement that the access could be improved and the site requires updating and consistency.  The question of putting in a link to StepChange was discussed and all felt this was a good idea.  
8.2 P Adamson argued the case for getting more direct access to the WIG site through the HSE website and also via Google.  
8.3 N Elphinstone stressed the point that the website need to hit home more and also grab people’s interest.  Also that the site provide feedback on events for offshore personnel.   
8.4 R Thomas is to arrange a meeting with HSE Communications Department to progress and report back at next meeting. RT
9 AOB  
9.1 The next WIG meeting will be held on Thursday 14 January 2010, 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm.  FE
9.2 There being no other business the meeting closed.  
Updated 2010-06-25