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Shell Safety Representative & Management Seminar

West Tullos, Aberdeen, 30 May 2012

Firstly may I thank Shell for approaching ESS and Total to request my attendance to attend their Safety Rep and management seminar and to give an update on the further training of offshore Safety Reps.

Below is a brief summary of how the day went and to give all parties a feel as to what others are doing within the offshore industry.

The day started in the usual manner by Phil Brunton, who gave the Safety brief and the expectations of the day and was followed by a performance update by senior management. The highlights included :

This was followed by a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) update, where attendees were informed of the new gloves Shell are to introduce. The presentation and demonstration of the gloves was very informative as the old style of glove was laid next the new superior glove in order to show the like for like swap. On a personal note, I did notice that many of the gloves Shell are to phase out are the same type we use on the Elgin/Franklin

Next up was myself, I was asked to fill a 45 minute slot but in fact we ended up over running by half an hour such was the interest and debate the subject created.

During the buffet lunch healthy debate ensued, some of which I look forward to sharing with my own safety committee on my return to the Elgin.

After lunch we were then given an excellent briefing on helicopter Safety by Ali McDougall and Davie Hunter. It was obviously a very emotive subject but also a difficult one for management to discuss openly due to the tender process and the legal implications after the latest helicopter incident.

There was also a very stirring presentation given by one of the safety Reps, giving his own account on safety. It was a real eye opener on how bad things get when safety goes wrong.

Time was also allotted for a cross pollination of ideas and sharing between each asset. The day was brought a close by a question and answer session with senior management.

In conclusion, the day was very interesting and positive and I would again like to Thank Shell for giving me the opportunity to attend.

Updated 2012-06-13