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ExxonMobil Safety Representatives Annual General Meeting, 10th November 2011

Mikey Craig – Transocean/Member of the Workforce Involvement Group


David Cook – ExxonMobil Training & Development Co-ordinator kindly invited a member of the Workforce Involvement Group (WIG) to present some good practices on Enhanced Training for Safety Representatives at their Annual General Meeting (AGM), held at Grampian House in Aberdeen on 10th November 2011.

I attended the AGM where I was given a 30 minute slot to present on behalf of the WIG accordingly. I was also present at other discussions and presentations throughout the morning giving me a greater picture as to what goes on at these meetings.
The ExxonMobil AGM was attended by 22 Safety Reps from North Sea assets - Beryl Alpha & Beryl Bravo platforms, and also the ExxonMobil Scottish Area Gas Evacuation (SAGE) terminal located at St Fergus.  There was a good mix of both ExxonMobil and Contractor reps present, and a fair bit of experience was present in the room with a number of the reps having been elected to serve successive terms.

The reps were supported by Brain Henry - ExxonMobil Safety Advisor, an Occupational Health expert, 2 Beryl OIMs and a field based HSE advisor.  Midway through the morning Safety and Operations Management for Apache Oil joined the meeting also.

The Meeting

I was given a very warm welcome by Brian Henry before being introduced to those present at the meeting. 

The meeting opened with an interesting presentation in relation to Legionella and general water quality offshore. This provided reps with information to take back to their constituencies following an issue on one of the Beryl assets earlier in the year.
Following the break, I gave the presentation on behalf of WIG, which I go into in more detail later.

My presentation was followed by presentations on progress made throughout the year by safety reps from the Beryl assets and SAGE terminal. The progress reported was good, and the safety performance was commendable. This was particularly the case with the SAGE terminal that has operated for a number of years without a lost time incident. Reps mentioned the need for further training throughout their presentations. 

I opened the presentation with an explanation of what the WIG is and what it is  trying to achieve. Not all reps were familiar with the group and its work. I suggested to those in attendance, a visit to the WIG website would be a good starting point and where completing surveys could involve them, attending events, and promoting the work of the WIG offshore on their installations.
I went on to present the background of the training drive, quoting from the SI971Reg 27 HSE, which states that ‘developmental training should be considered for reps by duty holders’. I also included elements of the WIG submission to the Offshore Industry Advisory Committee meeting on 12th October,. I reminded them of best practices known throughout the industry in safety committee development such as that which has taken place in the drilling sector on Transocean, Odjfell & Rowan rigs, along with the production platforms that have noted a difference, such as Tiffany, Armada, Harding, Rough, Kittiwake, Lomond, Cleeton & Elgin Franklin, to give a few examples.

I updated the meeting as to where the WIG was currently in terms of the development (re: Step Change Leadership Team meeting on 24th November 2011) before finally stressing again the importance of getting involved by visiting the WIG website and actively taking part.


I felt that my presentation on behalf of the WIG was well received. I was also able to take questions from the floor. 
The reps were very interested in the WIG’s current drive in relation to developmental training.  When I asked who would be interested in attending developmental training, all reps present said they would. Some commented that further training would develop their ability to perform with the SI971function.

I will be writing again to key players in ExxonMobil to request that they promote the WIG section of the HSE website throughout the Beryl Field workforce.

I found the day to be extremely interesting and on behalf of the WIG would like to thank ExxonMobil for their invitation to be able to attend this meeting.

Below is a picture of me (furthest left) taken with the safety  reps gathered in the foyer of the venue.

Mikey Craig (far left) taken with the ExxonMobil safety reps.

Mikey Craig (far left) taken with the ExxonMobil safety reps.

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